Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye bye!!

I have decided to migrate to Wordpress for a change. Bye bye blogspot.

Please refer to :

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Pics galore

Yum Cha at Red Star restaurant on a Sunday morning some weeks back... Still cant believe I got up at 8am on a Sunday just to have dim sum. But it's all worth the effort... The best dim sum I've had in a long long time! 

Roasted Pigeon.. (not those u seen on the streets thou!)

8 bowls of dessert for 5 greedy pigs.. (2 out of sight)

The satisfaction is showing on the faces..

Wassup with that bitchy look dude... I'm not gonna steal ur siew mai.. :P


"Road Trip" last night..

As usual, chick was the ladies' driver.. So nice of him to pluck me up from office at 10pm too! I think partly it was on the account of the "Percy pigs and friends" I bought last week.. Hee... 

But see! He looks happy to drive us too! :D

I brought the gang to the open space at Keppel Bay. Yes these days i've been talking alot about Keppel Bay. It's a nice place! Great 

Just chilling out..

There's more pics on elaine's camera.. I brought mooncake along to share the love. Post them soon... 

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Serangoon Gardens Saga

Some would have heard about the possible plan of a workers' dormitory to be constructed and site of previous Serangoon Garden Technical School. About 500 residents signed a petition against it, and a dialogue session was arranged with MP George Yeo..

The controversial site is less than 400m away from my house, and I was pretty concern about the outcome. Heard from dad, the plan is called off already.. *heave a little sigh of relieve*

I read a piece of news from Yahoo news, but I cant find it anymore.. But i vividly remember, Singaporeans were urged to be more accommodating to foreign workers, after all they did contributed to our economy.. (something like that..) This saga has led to some people labeling residents of Serangoon Gardens as selfish, snobbish and racist..

To a certain extend, I'd actually say everyone has a selfish part of us within. And where we live doesn't change this fact.. You think if there's a proposal to locate the dormitory at River Valley? Orchard Road? and residents at these "exclusive residential areas" wouldn't mind at all?

We have to be frank that social issues bound to rise. Be clear i'm not being racist. My dad is in the construction line, and I appreciate the contribution of these workers to my dad's company. But we just cannot deny that we have very different way of life, and it is a better idea to house these workers at somewhere themselves and the society are comfortable..

It is common for us to see workers sitting on any empty grass patch at Little India on weekends. That is their way of life, as seen on streets of Delhi, Mumbai, etc.. Even before Ion was constructed, the grass patch abv Orchard MRT station, the patch is filled with filipino workers on weekends.. We see them having picnics there too. I don't see anything wrong with it. But take a walk down the backstreets of Geylang at night.. Fights after a few drinks are common. Really, no one wish for fights to take place anywhere near their homes. Even for residence at HDB estates, rite?

It's so not right to point fingers and make swiping remarks.. Hmpfff...

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just a quick update before I snooze..

It was my dear sister's bday last wednesday. Was suppose to give her a nice treat at the Marriott Hotel, but the cafe was already fully booked for the day. So the backup plan was Keppel Bay.

The Hot Mama birthday girl.. Peggy is over 8 months Preggy!

Nice chocolaty profiteroles to end the meal..

And finally.. A shot of Keppel Bay..

The shot of keppel bay was almost officially the last shot from my C902. I sold my phone today, and actually at this moment, I'm still thinking of I should get the iPhone or not..

I've heard about the cons of this legendary phone.. No mms, U can't forward msg, No video taking function, no bluetooth transfer..

I'm still weighing it out, whether my love for Apple is great enough to overlook these shortcomings. Haha..

Ok that's about all for the week. Good nite folks! I've been plagued by the flu bug for the past week and am getting better by the day.

It's a new week again..! I'm gonna have a happy week! That's my promise to myself... Cheers! :D

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marina Keppel Bay

Was at Marina Keppel Bay last nite.. Chilling out at Privé's waterfront bar. It's a really nice place! I'm looking forward to going there again.. Thanks Koobs for bringing me there!

I didn't take any pics cos i dont trust my C902, and was too busy yakking away.. It's a great evening. I had dinner with Raymond and Koobs. Had some time alone with Ray b4 Koobs came. It's great jus to catch up and enjoy the great food. I cant even remember when's e last time we sat down just to eat n talk.. As we get more n more deprived of good times with our friends, the dinner was jus awesome!

And it's the same for Koobs. To jus sit by the waters and enjoy a bottle of cold beer.. And catch up with each other's business ventures, it's nice.. I really enjoy quality time with friends.. Maybe the next time I can get my 2 gooses along too. Hopefully... hopefully...

Got a few superb pics from the net to share..

(Credit:pennypoon1104, from Google image search)

(Credit:Jenson, image from Google image search)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

oh man... this website is so much fun! saw this from junie's blog.. n sis n i jus went nuts!

sis n i amused ourselves so much with my bro-in-law's picture, i was so afraid she's laugh till she deliver baby. hahahaa...

here's a few funny 1 to share..

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I had a really bad night. Some motorbikers kept me awake through the night. They were riding up and down the road, right outside my house..

Just when I'm abt to fall asleep at dawn, i began having nightmares.. Lots of running and pursuing, as if they were real.. I got out of bed feeling disorientated.

On the way to hosp to bring mum home, I looked at the sky and thought to myself, how beautiful the sky is.. Had been days since I saw the patches of blue we take for granted every single day. After 2 days of rain, the sky this morning was a gift of life. It's so beautiful, I was convinced there's heaven somewhere out there.

The best part of life is being able to see the beauty and find miracles in the most ordinary thing..

Pictures ripped off the net, nt taken by moi..

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Reality of life

There's a stack of bills on my table that I don't even want to open the sealed envelopes.

Insurance cannot debit the monthly premium from my giro account cos it's empty.

I have yet to replace my lost IC after more than a month. I'm not sure what the consequence may be, but I do not have $300 to part with, to just earn myself an identity on that pink card.

After sorting out the corporate accounts, I need to put back $550.

Why didn't I strike Toto last week...? Sobz...

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